Public Desire Success Story


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42% Increase in Gross Profit


UK Growth

Orders Up 27%
Revenue Up 44%

US Efficiency

      • Avg. CPC Down 35p
      • ROAS 13% YoY Growth


Intelligent Reach Modules

check-304167_960_720 (1) copy white.png Data Management Module

check-304167_960_720 (1) copy white.png Experiment Module

check-304167_960_720 (1) copy white.png Performance Module

check-304167_960_720 (1) copy white.png Managed Services


"Working with Intelligent Reach provides us with a platform for managing and optimising our product feeds, with specific expertise that we don’t have in-house, helps us improve our product ads across multiple channels and provides us with a regular service that is also available to us when I am not in the office. ”

Laurence Taylor, Acquisition Manager, Public Desire